“Look At All My Sith”: Darth Vader TV Specials?

I was worried we wouldn't be getting enough STAR WARS!

Will Darth Vader be coming to TV next year? According to a brochure handed out at a European licensing expo, that's the plan. What that TV version of Vader will be (please be the host of a Gong Show style variety show where losers are Force choked to death) is unclear, but the licensing brochure assures us it'll happen.

The brochure also insists that the release date of Episode VII remains Spring/Summer 2015. We'll see! I know a lot of licensing deals have already been done, and they're all definitely for Spring/Summer 2015, but that doesn't mean the Disney mothership won't change that date. It remains unbelievable to me that Disney hasn't squatted a weekend yet; we're about to see release dates being claimed for 2016 (actualy some movies have already staked their dates). 

Other things of interest: the opening of a Star Wars digital library, whatever that is (the films sold on iTunes? Do they already do that? I actually have iTunes opened but cannot be bothered to look. This is why I'm not a real journalist). Also: the Lego Star Wars games are coming to handheld devices. That'll be fun. 

What do you think? Will the Darth Vader TV Extravaganza be 4th of July themed? All song and dance? A series of dramatic re-enactments of great moments in Old Republic history? An anthology show hosted by Vader? A hospital drama about his early days in the suit? Something else I won't care about? Speculate away.