Morons Assert Dominance Over Earth By Toppling 200 Million Year Old Rock Formation

This whole humanity experiment is a wash,it seems.

Goblin Valley in Utah is the home to some of the most spectacular rock formations in the country. Dating back to the Jurassic era, the hoodoo rock formations are beautiful and caused by the unique placement of erosion-resistant rock on soft sandstone. Placed by the planet Earth, 200 million years ago. These rocks sit atop small stalks, creating an eerie and wonderful landscape. 

But 200 million years got nothing on a trio of fatheaded dipshits who took it upon themselves to knock over one of the hoodoos. These three - Boy Scout troop leaders, no less! - filmed themselves knocking over a hoodoo in a state park. That's an illegal act. 

Later the knuckleheads - Dave Hall, Dylan Taylor, and Glenn Taylor, who is doing the actual rock-knocking - said they regretted not contacting a park ranger before taking action, but that they did what they did to save somone else from being crushed by the rock. Which had been standing there for 200 fucking million years. Even setting aside the ignorance, watching the video immediately shows that these guys are just doing some kind of primal masculine dominance bullshit. They're pissing on art.

This incident is a nice metaphor for the way we treat our environment regularly. There's this human need to make our mark, and while that sometimes leads to beautiful art and awe-inspiring feats, it just as often leads to simple, stupid vandalism. 

The police are looking into the situation and I hope these three are prosecuted with all the severity the law allows.