Leonardo DiCaprio To Potentially Put Some BLOOD IN THE SNOW

He will play the owner a Tropical Sno stand.

Tell me Hollywood wants to make a movie about "a hitman who falls in love with his boss' wife after being assigned to assassinate her," and I might just roll my eyes and say "Seen it!" like a big asshole.

Tell me Leonardo DiCaprio would play the hitman, I might take back the "Seen it!" part, but the eye roll would probably still stand.

Tell me it's an adaption of a new book written by the guy who wrote the novel Headhunters was based on, I guess I might actually be interested.

Deadline reports that Warners is trying to acquire the rights to Blood in the Snow, written by Jo Nesbo (except I think that last O is supposed to have a weird line going through it, as if to indicate "No O's allowed). If they get it, they want DiCaprio to star in the adaptation. DiCaprio just hasn't killed enough people onscreen, if you ask me.

Since crime films tend to be good or bad thanks to variables outside of their actual plots, the tired premise here isn't such a bad sign. I really liked Headhunters a lot, so this feels a bit more interesting than it probably deserves this early in the game. The book, a two-parter (the second one has the hilarious title, More Blood in the Snow), hasn't even been published yet. Maybe it really is about a guy who makes Sno-cones. DiCaprio hasn't made enough of those onscreen, that's for sure.