Listen To Devin On The Indoor Kids Podcast!

He talks about torture in GTAV, weight loss and why video game nerds seem so sexist all the time.

It's always a thrill when my friends Kumail Nanjiani and Emily Gordon invite me to be on their podcast, The Indoor Kids. They're just the coolest, and I always have a great time. Hopefully that great time translates to a good listening experience - you can judge for yourself with the newest episode, which just went live. This time we talk about everything ranging from the torture scene in Grand Theft Auto V (and why I don't think it works) to my ongoing weight loss to sexism in fandom and my recommendations for underseen horror films. 

Click here to listen!

And if you like hearing my voice, good news: I recorded the first episode of the Badass Digest podcast with Evan Saathoff last night. I'm working on getting it into shape and hope to have it online soon. Stay tuned.