The Ever-Present BEETLEJUICE 2 Rumor Gets Juiced Up

Tim Burton is in talks to have talks regarding future talks.

Rumors are fun. The way I see it, watching how movies come together (or don't) has sort of become part of the whole entertainment buffet a feature film can offer. And if you're paying attention, all these casting choices that never went through and director match-ups that fell apart could win you a badass gift certificate at the trivia-hosting bar of your choice ten years from now.

I choose to report on some of this stuff. Other potential stories, I just ignore. The "Tim Burton Might Direct Beetlejuice 2" was one I didn't have much interest in because it sounded especially unrealistic. Turns out I may have been wrong.

The Wrap reports that Burton is actually in talks to direct a sequel to his moderately fun 1988 Michael Keaton film. He hasn't attached himself yet, so this is still just a rumor. But it has Rumor Super Powers.

It's been a long time since I liked a Tim Burton film, and it's also been a long time since movies were allowed to be as weird and carefree with world building as Beetlejuice. Watching the film today, you can see a million different bits that would now be subject to over-explaination. If the film does happen, Michael Keaton is supposed to come back, so at least that part's promising.

Will we see Beetlejuice's origins? Will the Maitlands be back? Will Bill & Ted 3 ever happen? Only God knows, and He's more of a sports fan.