THE CARTRIDGE FAMILY: When Nintendo Characters Enter The Real World

This web show highlights the hijinks of a trio of Nintendo-inspired video game characters unleashed in the real world.

What if characters much like, but legally distinct from, Mario, Link and Megaman ended up in the real world and lived with a guy who works at a video game store? It might go a little something like this...

The Cartridge Family is a web series that features a heckuva pedigree with a whole bunch of LA horror types showing off their funnier side. Created by local filmmakers Jackson Stewart and William Rot, the short (a pilot for the web series) stars You're Next's AJ Bowen, Re-Animator's Barbara Crampton, Re-Animator: The Musical's Graham Skipper, Fables movie adaptation writer Jeremy Slater and more. The premise: Sergio, Twink and Roboman are pulled out of the video game world and live now in ours, crashing with a video game store clerk. In the pilot the clerk, Bowen, wants these 8-bit freeloaders to get jobs. It doesn't go well. 

If you're interested in more The Cartridge Family, check out their IndieGogo.