Dat Ass: New CAPTAIN AMERICA: WINTER SOLDIER Poster Turns Its Back On Us

"There's only one god, ma'am, and I'm pretty sure he does pilates to keep his butt looking good."

You can't really see Captain America's heinie in the new poster for Captain America: The Winter Soldier, but I'm always happy to sexualize Chris Evans. He's got a good butt, and it should be removed from the shadows of this poster!

I like the image on this poster, even if it is yet another entry in the 'character with his back to us' school of boring posters. At least there's no debris or ash! I dig the way the bay door is opening on a scene of a Helicarrier over Washington DC, while really only calling attention to Cap's shield. I suspect this poster gives us a lot of insight into the thematic elements at play in the film. 

A new trailer should be hitting this week; I'll be breathlessly covering it like the Marvel nerd I am.