Seann William Scott To Team Up With Jackie Chan For SKIPTRACE

It will be sold to racist hillbilly markets as BULLETPROOF MONK 2.

Are people back into Seann William Scott now? I've alway sort of liked him (especially after Goon), but I got the idea that he fell out of most people's good graces.

If so, maybe this news will help. Scott will co-star in an upcoming Jackie Chan movie called Skiptrace. The idea for the film apparently fell out of Chan's brain just after a car ran over his head. It's about a cop whose niece (played by popular podcast Comedy Bing Bing) gets in trouble with the mob, and only Seann William Scott can help save her. Obviously, Scott will be a bit of a smart-ass. But when he smiles, you can't help but love him!

The film will take place in Hong Kong while utilizing this beautiful English language we know and abuse on a daily basis. It also has five writers, so it will probably be five times better than normal. They will begin shooting Jan 13.

But who will direct? That's actually an exciting bit of news as well. Skiptrace will mark the live action debut of Paranorman director Sam Fell, whose name is so great it's also a sentence.