Oh My Goodness: Tom Hardy To Play Elton John In ROCKETMAN

The most obvious choice, next to Shatner.

While everyone's scrounging around, trying to pick a cinematic Freddie Mercury, cinema's Elton John is totally secure. Deadline reports that he will be played by none other than Tom Hardy.

I love Tom Hardy, but mostly because he scares the shit out of me. As Elton John, the chances that he will scare the shit out of me are slim and depend entirely on whether or not they include John's Tommy appearance.

Directed by Michael Gracey and written by Billy Elliot's Lee Hall, Rocketman will supply a biopic of one of rock's few frontmen humble enough to admit he couldn't write lyrics. I actually don't know all that much about John's biography. I know his songs, I am familiar with his outfits, I know he did a lot of cocaine, and I know he's into dudes. That in itself doesn't really sound interesting enough for a biopic, but with Hardy involved, this is suddenly something to anticipate. Elton John's not dead yet, but they need to fudge that in the movie so he can sing "Candle in the Wind" to himself at his own funeral. I don't see how any other ending will suffice.