Will Another Horror Movie Ever Have The Impact Of THE EXORCIST?

Watch people freak the fuck out after seeing THE EXORCIST in 1973.

This video cuts together coverage of the brouhaha over the original release of The Exorcist. From incredibly long lines - people waited hours and hours to see the movie - to the shaken, crying reactions people had after seeing the film, will another movie ever impact our culture the same way?

It's strange to watch The Exorcist now and to imagine people literally vomiting and fainting in the theater, as they did. The movie still chills, but it doesn't have the same gut-level impact it did in 1973, 40 years ago. When I saw The Exorcist: The Version You've Never Seen in theaters back in 2000 people laughed at it. I was saddened - have we become so coarsened that even a movie as fundamentally, ontologically upsetting as this one seems funny? 

I'd love to see a movie upset people again the way The Exorcist did. Some have come close - Inside or Irreversible or Martyrs are definitely films that shake people to their very core, but none of them are mainstream. I do think it's still possible to fuck up the mainstream in the way that William Friedkin did. I believe it can be done - who has the masterful skills to pull it off?

This video was shamelessly stolen from Facebook. Thanks, Elijah!