Get ready to google Victoria Hand.

According to Latino Review, the cast of ABC's Agents of SHIELD is about to get a little bigger. Or maybe they're about to kill four or five characters, and the show's about to get better instead. Apparently someone named Saffron Burrows has been cast as someone named Agent Victoria Hand.

Hand is a fairly new character, so new that they already killed her in the comics. I think she was supposed to be a lesbian, as well. That Marvel, always pushing the envelope.

It's not like you'd look at a picture of The Mayor from Buffy and automatically get excited for what a great villain he'd make. But still. I already can't tell her apart from every non-Coulson character on the show. People have been noticing a recent upswing in Agents of SHIELD's quality. I've sort of noticed one, too But rather than bring the show to "good" status, the slight improvement has only made it somewhat less insufferable. If they're going to add people, I wish they'd add some who actually resemble people.