Exclusive: Ghastly Good Posters From Mondo

Hey boys and ghouls, we have some wonderful EC Comics-inspired Mondo art to share with you!

The latest Mondo Gallery show in Austin Texas has opened today and it's a corker - a tribute to EC Comics and Tales From The Crypt! Once again Justin Ishmael and his team have assembled some of the best and coolest artists today to bring to life their visions of classic EC Comics goodness. Among the group: JACK DAVIS!

We don't have a Jack Davis to share with you today, but we do have the GORGEOUS Florian Bertmer above. What goopy greatness! 

Below is a wonderful Shane Hillman, highlighting Weird Science. The EC horror titles get a lot of attention (especially this time of year) but that gang was churning out mind-warping comics in all sorts of genres, including scifi and fantasy.

If you're in Austin go to the gallery at 4115 Guadalupe St. to buy original art and prints. The rest of us are going to have to wait for prints to become available online - as always, keep an eye on @MondoNews for any updates. 

Here's the complete list of artists participating in the show:

Jacob Bannon
Florian Bertmer
Mike Budai
Jack Davis
Luke Drozd
Jason Edmiston
Graham Erwin
James Flames
Francesco Francavilla
Ken Garduno
Michael Hacker
Shane Hillman
Brandon Holt
Alex R. Kirzhner
Shawn K. Knight
Jeff Lemire
Drew Millward
Chris Mooneyham
Phantom City Creative
Ed Piskor
Ghoulish Gary Pullin
Jim Rugg
Neal Russler
Eric Skillman
William Stout
Ken Taylor
Ash Thorp
Mark Todd
Warwick Johnson Cadwell
Bruce White
Christ Wright