TRANSFORMERS 4 Hong Kong Set, Why Are You So Crazy?

Another extortion attempt goes down.

Right off the bat, you should know that this story does not directly involve Michael Bay, and it contains no air conditioners. So it's just not going to be as exciting as last week's big adventure.

According to Deadline, the Hong Kong government put out a release stating that a Transformers 4 crew member was working on a residential roof when four guys stepped up to her, trying to intimidate her into giving them money.

While that sounds more like a mere mugging situation, authorities believe it was an extortion attempt, so maybe they asked for more money than you'd expect. Not only that, but they think these guys were working of behalf of a triad. They arrested one of the men and continue to search for the other three.

In short, Johnnie To needs to make a crime film about the making of Transformers 4. Unless he's already doing it right now, Bad Grandpa-style.

Please prepare yourself for a day filled with increasingly insane updates on the matter.