You Guys, BACK TO THE FUTURE Played Out In Real Time On Twitter Yesterday


If you’re one of the bajillion people living with the crippling obsessive disorder winkingly referred to as “regular Twitter usage”, you already know what a temperamental bitch a Twitter feed can be. Sometimes you’ll check in with your generally-amusing feed, only to be instantly reminded what jaw-dropping douchebaskets people can be online; other times, you lose a few hours following the genuinely entertaining conversations unfolding among people you only kinda know. In the great tradition of so many social media bombshells before it, Twitter is just as likely to challenge your faith in humanity as it is to brighten your day.

Yesterday, it did the latter.

Over on Twitter, the "Hill Valley Project" (@_HillValley) is spearheading a mind-boggling stunt: dozens of faux Twitter accounts have been created for characters from Back to The Future, and now the whole crew is re-enacting the plot of Back to The Future. In what’s being claimed as “real time,” no less. They've even got an @_Back2TheFuture feed to narrate some of the action as it occurs. Here’s what it looks like in action, courtesy of Biff Tannen’s Twitter page (@Biff_Tannen):

If you’re like me, you hear “Back to The Future being recreated on Twitter”, and you think, “Huh, wonder how that works?” However they’re doing it, you probably don’t expect it to be the most clever thing you’ve seen in weeks. So you start clicking back through Marty McFly’s past few hours…

…and right off the bat you’re like HOLY SHIT EVEN LORRAINE’S DAD HAS A TWITTER ACCOUNT THIS ONLINE STUNT THOUGHT OF EVERYTHING! There’s Marty talking to “Uncle Jail-Bird Joey” in his crib, there’s the conversation about “reruns”…it’s pretty damn impressive. Then again, maybe I’ve just grown weary of internet stunts and viral videos in general, burned a few too many times by concepts that sounded clever in theory, only to be sort of lame and tedious in practice (see also: that goddamn cookie game people have been blowing in public for the past few weeks), so that when something even halfway clever comes along it instantly seems like the very pinnacle of wit.

But I don’t think so. I suspect this one will be well admired. And it looks like there's reason to root for that outcome: based upon a lengthy and intense investigation process (clicked my way around a few Twitter pages, followed a link), it appears that "The Hill Valley Project" is officially associated with The Michael J. Fox Foundation, whose homepage—directing you to “donate, pledge, or participate” in the foundation’s ongoing efforts in fighting Parkinson’s Disease—is linked to right there on the @_HillValley homepage. If so, great: it’s a good cause and an extremely creative stunt they’re attempting here.

Head over to the @_HillValley page to start poking around (look for that account's "Members" page and you'll be given a list of the giant list of Back to The Future characters currently living out their fictional lives in 140-character increments for our amusement), and be sure to stop by The Michael J. Fox Foundation's page when you're done.

Hey, speaking of: anyone watching The Michael J. Fox Show, and if so, am I missing out?