A TRICK ‘R TREAT Sequel Is Happening!!

At tonight's Beyond Fest reunion screening of Mike Dougherty's Halloween anthology, the best possible news was announced.

Sam returns! Tonight at Beyond Fest a reunion screening of Mike Dougherty's brilliant Halloween horror anthology Trick 'R Treat is being held at the Egyptian Theatre with Dougherty, producer Bryan Singer and stars Dylan Baker, Anna Paquin, Leslie Bibb, Brian Cox, Quinn Lord and Jean-Luc Bilodeau in attendance, and at that screening they just announced the news many of us have waited urgently to hear for years now: a sequel's in the works!

I got a chance to talk with Dougherty today - his birthday! - and I'll be publishing that interview tomorrow, so stay tuned for more scoop on the sequel, Trick 'R Treat's cult following, Dougherty's obsession with Halloween and more. In the meantime, join me in eating lots of fun-sized Snickers bars in celebration of this news. Trick 'R Treat is our collective glee in the Halloween season distilled, a bright, chilly, playful alter to all things Samhain. It's a colorfully-wrapped piece of candy hiding a razor within, a film worthy of instant tradition and import. It's a yearly must for me and many like me alongside Carpenter's Halloween, and it's about time we were subjected to more of Sam's mischief.

You can watch the livestream of tonight's Q&A right here, right now!