Amazing New STAR WARS Behind The Scenes Footage Discovered And Unleashed!

George Lucas' dialog really does seem hard to say.

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away, Star Wars was cool. It's taken a quite a beating since then, and is currently preparing for a possible new thrashing in its Disney era. But before we get there, why not take a moment to sort of like it again?

This behind the scenes footage from Star Wars and Return to the Jedi should bring a smile to any Star Wars fan's face. The video above is basically a collection of fun screw ups from the first film. The following clip is a rare hyper Yoda line reading from Return of the Jedi:

Apparently a fan shelled out $699 for 30 minutes of this stuff on eBay and plans to dole it out to us in its entirety, bit by bit on a Facebook page (click on it, you'll find several more videos). Enjoy!