Emile Hirsch To Try For The Second Best Joe Cocker Impression Ever

We have a Belushi.

For those who didn't know, a biopic of John Belushi is in the works. Written and directed by Steve Conrad, the film will follow Judith Belushi Pisano and Tanner Colby's book, Belushi, which is presumably all about Jim Belushi.

With this news came speculation as to who would don Belushi's famous toga/black sunglasses/bee costume. Today brings confirmation that none other than Emile Hirsch will have that honor. To those who protest to this casting on pure body weight grounds: Never fear. Hirsch will reportedly prepare for the role by eating Jim Belushi.

Now the real fun begins. With Hirsch locked down, the film can begin casting other famous people who were in Belushi's orbit. Chevy Chase's casting should prove particularly interesting. And it seems like everyone who's even guest hosted Saturday Night Live can do a pretty good Lorne Michaels. The film is being executive produced by Dan Aykroyd, however, so he'll probably be playing himself.