How EPISODE VII Might Cause INDIANA JONES 5 To Actually Happen

It's like a chain reaction of awful!

According to JediNews Harrison Ford is all but signed on the line which is dotted for Star Wars: Episode VII, but it took a long time because he had some demands outside of the money he would be paid for sleepwalking trhough the film. According to the site Ford had a whole host of demands, the most troubling of which was that Indiana Jones 5 would get started. 

Was that just a negotiating tactic to make them leave him alone? Who could be so monstrous as to demand Indy 5? The good news is that, if JediNews is to be believed, Ford couldn't get Lucasfilm to commit to the actual movie, but did get them to agree to have a treatment or some such shit finished by next year. 

Also on Ford's list of demands: he wanted to okay Han Solo's entire story arc for the new trilogy, which I guess means he doesn't get the sweet embrace of death in Episode VII. Apparently what Ford was given made him happy enough. 

Is this true? I don't know. I do know that Episode VII causing Indiana Jones 5 to happen is like my worst nightmares coming true. Why can't these franchises be left well enough alone?