Good News For People Who Love Bad News: ENTOURAGE Movie Happening After All

Hey, it all worked out in the end. For everybody except the moviegoing audience.

Here's a bit of irony: the current revitalization of TV drama can be largely traced back to HBO, and yet the two HBO series to get movies have been the worst ones. There's never been a Sopranos movie and Deadwood didn't get a cinematic continuation, but Sex and the City got TWO films and now Entourage is back on track to pollute movie screens.

This is great news for people who like poorly written, dramatically inert, flatly acted and bracingly misogynistic entertainment. The film was being held up by some cast members demanding more money, there was a little bit of sniping back and forth (noted humanitarian and minimal living advocate Marky Mark Wahlberg blaming the hold-up on 'greedy people'), but now it's all smoothed out, everybody is signed to a deal and the movie can start shooting in a few months.

I imagine the plot will have the boys getting back together and facing a terrible crisis which will resolve itself with no input from them while they make unfunny bro jokes for unfunny bros. Throughout the picture Jeremy Piven's Ari will slowly grow thick, luxurious hair over all of his exposed skin.