Steve McQueen Developing An HBO Show

The director of 12 YEARS A SLAVE is taking his vision to TV.

Steve McQueen on TV? With his long takes and harrowing depictions of suffering, McQueen doesn't seem like an obvious serialized television creator. But when you hear he's developing a show for HBO it makes a little more sense; on the cable channel his aesthetic of stillness and pain can actually play out properly.

The director - whose 12 Years A Slave might be the best movie released this year - is currently developing a series for HBO. The premise? According to the LA Times, it "centers on the experience of a young African American man, whose past may not be what it seems, and his initiation into New York high society." I'm assuming it's not Six Degrees of Separation: The Series, but it sort of sounds like that. 

It's McQueen, though, and between 12 Years A Slave, Hunger and Shame he has earned my trust. That said, he hasn't quite earned the series yet - HBO is tough with new shows, and even Spike Lee couldn't get his Mike Tyson-inspired series off the ground there. This show is just in the earliest stages.