The Future Of Marvel’s Mandarin Revealed

What's Sir Ben Kingsley's secret Marvel project? We have a rumor.

Some people didn't like Iron Man 3. I don't understand these people - I guess they don't like fun, funny, smart movies with great characters and actual, earned surprises. Some people were also upset about the truth behind the movie's version of The Mandarin - I guess they like C-list, uninteresting, racist caricatures that nobody has been able to use well for decades.

They could be getting happy. Sir Ben Kingsley revealed that he's working on a secret Marvel project, which we all assume is one of those Marvel One Shots that are so awesome (if you haven't seen Agent Carter on the Iron Man 3 Blu you're missing one of the best Marvel things, period). But Latino Review has more details. Spoilers, obviously:

According to the site the One Shot will reveal that there is a REAL Mandarin, and he's mad about what Trevor Slattery and Aldrich Killian did to his name. So he's coming to get revenge. El Mayimbe at LR thinks this is Marvel making it up to the fans, but I suspect this is going to be Marvel taking the piss out of the fans - there's no way they're introducing a 'real' Mandarin in a short film destined for the The Winter Soldier Blu. There's going to be another twist at the end of this one, and it'll be lighter and funnier. At least I hope so - the people mad about the new version of The Mandarin are the actual most confusing people I have ever known.