THE WALKING DEAD Will Have A Fifth Season

Hooray for the underdog!

You don't often hear about how awesome the last episode of The Walking Dead was. Yet people still watch it. A lot of people. It's sort of admirable how much fans wish they liked this show.

For those who still want to keep hope alive, you should be happy to learn that The Walking Dead has been renewed for a fifth season. This probably isn't much of a surprise given that the fourth season premiere broke basic cable records with 16.1 million viewers; that's WAY more than the numbers achieved by the most recent repeat of the M*A*S*H finale.

At this rate, we'll probably have The Walking Dead in our lives long enough that there will be The Walking Dead spinoffs, movies, and maybe even a reunion movie in Heaven where all the dead characters thank God they're not running from zombies anymore. Our children will wonder what it was like to live in a Walking Dead-less world. Their children will wonder what it was like to have televisions instead of entertainment brain chips. Their children, however, will be eaten by zombies caused by entertainment brain chips.