Are you there God? It's me, Evan. I owe you big for this one.

When it comes to White House siege films, you can go with cute fun or you can go with head stabs. Against all logic, America chose correctly and went with the head stabs. As a reward, we may be getting more head stabs.

According to Screen Daily, Millennium films is putting the dollar down on a new Olympus Has Fallen film called London Has Fallen. The film will reportedly keep Gerard Butler as Mr. Head Stab, Morgan Freeman as Mr. Very Specific Coffee Order, and Aaron Eckhart as Mr. The Stupidest Movie President Ever. The fact that all three of these guys will return rather than just Gerard Butler fills me with an uncountable amount of glee. If I HAD to put a number to it, however, I'd probably go with 7. Even Angela Bassett's returning! Where art thou, Melissa Leo?

But will it be good? Can a sequel bring the super dark and hard to see fun of Gerard Butler head stabbing his way through the White House to an arena as big as London? That will all depend on the head stabs. Hopefully this leads to a third film where the real Olympus falls and Butler must stab Hades in the head to save a tied-up Zeus.