X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST Trailer Would Like You To Hope Again

They hope you don't recognize the SUNSHINE score.

Here's the trailer for X-Men: Days of Future Past, the long-awaited adaptation of one of the best X-Men stories in history. It's the future, and shit's gone bad, so one lone X-Man travels back in time to fix things before they ever went wrong. in the comics it's beloved X-Man Kitty Pryde, in the movie it's popular X-Man Wolverine, who is almost certainly the wrong mutant for the mission but the best mutant for the movie poster.

This is pretty much the footage that Fox showed at Comic-Con, and I don't much like it. I don't like the mournful tone. I don't like the cast of dozens crowd scenes that should be shot tighter. I don't like the "We need you to hope again" tagline. I don't like the use of the Sunshine score as a shortcut. I'm not wild about the production value. I don't like the cameo appearances of mutants who, even in the comics, were more design elements than actual characters. 

But your mileage may vary wildly. This got a lot of enthusiasm at Hall H. It's quite possible that the X-Men series has simply lost me at this point. They need me to hope again, but this ain't doing it.