Watch Out For This BEYOND OUTRAGE Red Band Trailer

It spoils all the best kills, but can you really resist?

Hopefully, you already know that Beyond Outrage is going to be awesome. Now, along with a truly great poster, the film has a red band trailer to get your blood flowing. Or get a lot of blood flowing in general. It doesn't really have to be yours.

A word of warning, however: Beyond Outrage has a couple showstopper kills, and this trailer shows you them both. Of course, both murders have a bit more finesse and tension in the warm confines of the actual film, but if you want your hilariously blunt violence to remain a surprise, I'd skip this trailer and wait for the green band. Or don't watch any trailer at all. If you're excited to see this, that must mean you've seen Outrage. And if you've seen Outrage, the idea that you'd fail to watch this sequel doesn't seem possible.

Beyond Outrage hits VOD on November 28. You can see it theatrically starting January 3. This is just a rumor, but I've heard that if you don't watch it somehow, Takeshi Kitano will make you cut off your finger. Just a heads up.