Celebrate Halloween By Dying A Lot In BLOOD OF THE WEREWOLF!

We have Steam keys to give away to the new platformer. 

The Faracis are a creative bunch. While I'm here whining about Batman movies online, my brother is off in Michigan creating video games, and the latest game he wrote is now available. It's called Blood of the Werewolf, and it prides itself on being really, really hard. This isn't one of those games where you're just sort of sailing through level after level and have to turn on max difficulty to be challenged, this is a game designed for the hardcore gamer who wants a 'throw your controller across the room' experience. In a lot of ways it's like the Blackout Haunted House - an extreme experience for those who are sick of the milquetoast normal experiences.

Blood of the Werewolf is perfect Halloween playing because it features a whole slew of monsters. You play as Selena, a werewolf whose kids have been kidnapped by other monsters (think the classics here). You have to smash, shoot and rip your way through many levels of platformer sidescrolling mayhem to get them back. And you're going to die along the way - a lot. 

Do you have what it takes to tackle one of the toughest, most ball-busting games in recent memory? I have some Steam keys to give away to the game - hit me up at devin at badassdigest.com and I'll randomly hand them out!

In the meantime, the game is just $8 on Steam right now, so even if you don't win there's no reason not to get it. Unless you're afraid, that is.