THE LEGO MOVIE Trailer: How Is This Even Possible?

So good it might just be straight up satire.

Look, I know this is a trailer for a film that's basically just a commercial for a toy known primarily for fucking up your feet if you step on one incorrectly, but The LEGO Movie looks genuinely hilarious. Not in a "Hey that guy got hit in the nuts" way, but in a really smart, "Hey, George C. Scott just got hit in the nuts" way.

Seriously, this is already the best Batman film I've seen in a while. Every joke in this trailer works. And the massive cast of familiar characters indicates a bevy of jokes still waiting to be discovered. There just has to be some good Superman stuff waiting for us.

But more than anything, the blunt "chosen one" angle regarding Chris Pratt's character feels like a satirical dig on the kind of hero's journey stories we've been suffering through for the longest time now. Maybe they'll end up playing it straight, but it doesn't look like it here.

I simply can't wait for this film. And even with 21 Jump Street's Phil Lord and Chris Miller in charge, that's not something I expected to say when this project was announced. The first trailer was good. This one is better.