Badasscast Episode 2: This One Amazing Fact Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

Evan and Devin are audible again. This time they talk ENDER'S GAME and ROBOCOP and giggle quite a bit.

We're back with episode two of the Unnamed Badass Digest Podcast. We missed a week due to a compelling mix of technical problems and my crushing hangover, but this week we're back and doing our best. Which probably isn't good enough.

I'm again joined by my co-host Evan Saathoff, and we talk about Ender's Game for the serious part of the podcast and then it sort of devolves into us bullshitting about Robocop and Marvel movies and this watch Evan lost when he moved into his new place but that mysteriously beeps an alarm every night at 11pm.

We're still not on iTunes! That's my fault. But you can download this episode from Soundcloud and put it on your device - it's like an extra step, you lazy bastard. I'll try to make progress on this front by next week. In the meantime, please enjoy: