Check Out These Blood-Splattered College Football Uniforms

A grisly change of uniform for Veteran's Day.

I have complicated feelings about people in the military, but my feelings about Wounded Warrior are simple: people helping people is always good. Wounded Warrior offers assistance to military personnel injured in Iraq or Afghanistan; when the traitorous GOP shut down the government last month the non-profit stepped in to aid vets who were suddenly without government assistance. 

So it's nice that Northwestern University's football team will be honoring them during their post-Veteran's Day game against Michigan by wearing one off uniforms (and by donating 10% of tickets to the group). Unfortunately the uniform they're wearing is not only ugly, it's sort of disturbing as it features a blood-splattered American flag as a design motif. 

Hey, if we're trying to turn kids against the military I think this is a good idea. I'm not quite sure that's the intention. Unless maybe someone in design is truly subversive and snuck this through. Maybe they tried to get uniforms with bloody stumps on the limbs to let people know the true costs of war. I mean, the guy at the top of this article LITERALLY HAS BLOOD ON HIS HANDS.

The whole uniform is weird; the grey unitard aspect makes it look like it comes from a totalitarian state. Deadspin points out that Northwestern's colors include purple, and those injured in combat receive Purple Hearts, so why no purple on these ugly suckers?