Orson Scott Card Working On An Actually Filmable ENDER’S GAME Book Sequel

Fire up your boycotts.

Apparently, Ender's Game did well enough this weekend that we can have conversations about sequels. The original book's author, Orson Scott Card, actually has a sequel book called Speaker for the Dead all ready to go, but it takes place way after the original story's events and focuses on what it looks like when paint dries on alien worlds (I didn't actually read it, having opted to follow Card's Bean books instead).

No one wants to make a Speaker for the Dead movie, but they may want to make another Ender's Game movie. So what can be done to fix this conundrum? Write another book and shove it into continuity, of course!

That's exactly what Orson Scott Card is doing. Card announced the other day that he's writing a new young adult series set in the Ender Universe called Fleet School, which focuses on all the genius children not smart enough to hang out with Ender and his crew of lovable miscreants. Early word indicates the the series' first novel contains a great amount of boy on boy oil wrestling along with extensive philosophical conversations regarding the sanctity of traditional marriage.

Whether anyone is willing to turn this new story into a film remains to be seen. But it seems like the books themselves are more or less certain. If you buy one, you help fund one man's hideous journey to somehow get over being stuck with the name Orson.