Fox Is Making A Sequel To THE WOLVERINE

Could they cross over with RED DAWN and call it THE WOLVERINES?

I pretty much liked The Wolverine; I would have changed that silly ending that tonally clashes with the rest of the film, but it was a movie closest to what I wanted to see out of Logan on the big screen. It did okay but not gangbusters, but that isn't stopping Fox from sequelizing it - and bringing back director James Mangold to work on the new film.

Hugh Jackman has made some noise about X-Men: Days of Future Past being his last movie, but that's always felt like bullshit to me; Jackman's playing this role until he's dead and he knows it. There are worse characters to be stuck with, after all, and the Wolverine money lets him go off and do song and dance shows on the side. 

What will be the story of The Wolverine 2? Wolverine in Japan was really the one we were all clamoring for, so now the field is more open. He could go to Madipoor and be Patch. Or maybe he could team up with Kitty Pryde, as he did in the great Kitty Pryde and Wolverine miniseries. I think people are really itching to see Old Man Logan, a dystopian future story, on screen, but it would be weird to have that following dystopian future X-Men: Days of Future Past

Actually, as I think about it Wolverine doesn't have a ton of great, classic stories, and the most recognizable ones have now been used in film. There are villains and rivalries and concepts to be mined, but Fox has pretty much used up all the really quality stuff (I'll never forgive them for wasting Barry Windsor Smith's Weapon X). Maybe Mangold has a fairly clean slate.