Jon Favreau To Possibly Direct Disney’s THE JUNGLE BOOK Movie

This article will be a minefield of me trying to write Jon instead of John.

The Jungle Book represents a classic Disney property that probably always looks ripe for a live action redo. We all love cute animals, and you're always on the right track when you include an orangutang.

Now they're going for a new version of the story, and it might be directed by none other than Jon Favreau. According to Deadline, Disney is currently negotiating with Favreau to take on what would be his first real kid's film since Zathura. Favreau hasn't signed yet, but he did indicate that this new version would have "certain mythic elements." So one of the animals will be a centaur.

This news really means very little to me, but I know a lot of people like Jon Favreau. If he doesn't play Baloo, it will be a huge missed opportunity. If he decides he's too busy but fails to then hire the dad from The Wonder Years as Baloo instead, that will be a second huge missed opportunity. And if all the animals (except the orangutang) are CG goofballs instead of actors in painted faces and fur costumes that will be a third huge missed opportunity. This production is already fraught with unexpected peril.