What’s With The Pedo Vibe In The New Video From The FRIDAY Maestro?

Patrice Wilson's latest joint gets downright disturbing.

Patrice Wilson is the mastermind behind internet hits like Friday and the recent smash Chinese Food - terrible, enormously autontuned songs sung by anonymous tween girls that appeal both to kids and to people who are always amazed at the world's capacity for badness. Wilson has always had a role in the videos for his songs, but his latest - ABCDEFG - takes it all to a new and disturbing place.

The video posits Wilson as a godlike figure overseeing a town filled only with children. He peeks in their windows at their most private moments. He coaxes them into creepy vans. And, in the most shocking moments of the video, he actually doses their drinks with 'potion.' Wilson's shitty at potions, though, so he turns the object of the singer's affection (a semi-gender indeterminate child) into Chinese food. The 12 year old singer shrugs and then shoves a phallic eggroll into her mouth.


I don't think you need to deeply analyze this video to find the distubring connotations all over the place. How does a grown man create something like this and never once question what the imagery indicates? It's kind of a miracle. Patrice Wilson could be our new mad genius.