Writer-Director James DeMonaco To PURGE Yet Again

Start saving up for your useless security system now!

We already knew there was probably going to be a sequel to The Purge. The film not only made a lot of money, but benefits from a premise that can take priority over serialized narratives. There's really no demand that The Purge 2: Ugh, Why Did I Eat So Much? follow the first film's events. It can just take us through another night where you can kill whomever you please without consequence.

Whichever way they choose to go with this, it looks like the sequel will have some continuity behind the camera as the first film's writer and director, James DeMonaco, will write and direct the next one, the marketing of which will apparently sport the tagline: Return to the Night When Even Perjury is Legal.

Anyway, if you liked The Purge, it stands to reason that this will come as a bit of good news. I wish the film had been a bit better, but I'm still looking for another go with this premise. They need to include at least once scene where everyone rushes to file their fraudulent taxes.