Denver! Join Ultimate Badass Pam Grier At The Alamo For A Screening Of FOXY BROWN

She's giving live commentary on the film that made her a star. 

Okay, the above excerpt isn't true at all. Pam Grier was born a star. But Foxy Brown was her first huge role, and if you live in Colorado or you're willing to take a road trip (worth it), you can watch a screening supplemented by Grier's own commentary!

It's part of the Alamo Littleton's Color Commentary series, and all ticket proceeds are going to a charity chosen by Grier, PAALS For Life. 

Here's a little bit about PAALS:

PAALS FOR LIFE is an organization of people and animals living together on Dreampower Ranch in southeast Douglas County, Colorado, and their new facility, a ranch in Union County, New Mexico. Its purpose is to provide sanctuary, therapy, and comfort to the unwanted, such as the disabled, the abused, and the elderly - "whether they have paws, hooves, claws, or fingers". PAALS stands for People And Animals Living Synergistically. It is a program of The Dreampower Foundation - a (501) (c3). DianeBenedict is its founder and Executive Director. PAALS sole mission is to be of service, therapeutically, to animals and people on the unique and naturally serene Dreampower Ranches.

And here's some scoop on the Alamo's Color Commentary series, of which Foxy Brown is the second programmed title: 

Color Commentary is a new program that debuted at the Alamo Drafthouse Littleton where a director, actor, screenwriter or other talent is invited to a screening of one of their films but rather than just watch the film and do a post-film Q&A, the guest does actual LIVE commentary OVER the film. Think of it like listening to a DVD commentary track only with that special commentator LIVE AND IN PERSON! This creates special one-of-a-kind screenings that can’t be duplicated but attending audiences will remember forever.

Pretty cool, right? When Alamo Littleton first opened, Devin hosted an evening with Pam Grier to induct her into the Badass Hall of Fame, and later he couldn't stop talking about what a warm and engaging storyteller she is, so she seems like the perfect subject for this new series. Programmer Keith Garcia gave me a quote about the event: 

We were so excited by the magic that came out of our first Color Commentary screening that we immediately knew who we wanted to have grace us for our second one. Our core programming for November is TOUGH LADIES and that list is incomplete without a nod to Pam Grier and her iconic role as FOXY BROWN. Getting to sit at a screening of a film most fans have watched a dozen times with talent is one thing, getting to hear that personality tell you stories that will never be repeated in that context again is something truly awesome and I know from experience that Ms. Grier has a million amazing stories caught in that film that are just waiting to come out. On top of that I can think of no better way to honor tough women in reality than by donating the proceeds from this screening to the wonderful, female-driven organization PAALS FOR LIFE.

How cool is that? The Foxy Brown screening is Monday, November 11 at 7pm at Alamo Littleton, and you can get your tickets right here. Do it!