Justin Lin To Work His Lin Magic On The BOURNE Franchise

Hopefully this will result in the TOKYO DRIFT of BOURNE Films

Sometimes movie stories combine things I really like with things I sort of don't like as much, and I'm left with no idea how to feel. With that in mind: Justin Lin is going to direct The Bourne Legacy 2, or whatever it's going to be called.

There's no reason why this isn't good news. I like Jeremy Renner. I like shady government stories. Meanwhile, Justin Lin's become a surprisingly important action director, and while his departure from the Fast and Furious franchise was sad, it was also exciting to see what he'd do next.

I just didn't think he'd jump into another franchise, particularly one as tarnished as this. The Bourne Trilogy ranks high on my list of favorite things ever, but that last entry was a tough one. I didn't hate it, so much. I didn't anything it. That was the problem. Other than the weird chem thing and the Grizzly Adams Renner scenes, nothing about it stood out.

Maybe that's a good thing with Lin onboard, however. He already revitalized one franchise. Perhaps he can do it again. I'm certainly not against a good Jeremy Renner action film, that's for sure.

According to Deadline, this might be yet another Summer 2015 release. I'm beginning to think there will be no more years after that, and Hollywood's trying to send us out with several CG bangs.