Lionsgate Misses The Point Of HUNGER GAMES, Plans Theme Park

Panem today, Panem tomorrow, Panem forever. 

What if The Hunger Games: Catching Fire turned out to be a really great movie that was very smartly about subversion, and what if the people releasing the movie - Lionsgate - sort of never got it and didn't understand the concept of bread & circuses distracting the masses from the harsh realities of a system they could - and should - overthrow. Well, they might open a theme park based on the kids-killing-kids fun of The Hunger Games

Actually, they are. What would a Hunger Games theme park even look like? Would you be sorted into different Districts when you went in, and forced to do hard labor? Unless, of course, you lucked into being from The Capitol, in which case you'd have the best time ever. And then maybe you'd get reaped and ride a roller coaster that mimics the deaths of children. If Disneyland is the Happiest Place on Earth, this can be the most Dystopian Place on Earth.

It's certainly a weird idea; The Hunger Games is huge, but merching it out in this way feels crass and wrong. Unless, of course, Lionsgate's whole plan is to use the park as a way to show you that the capitalist system in which the many toil for the pleasures of the few is inherently unfair and must be destroyed. Imagine a theme park where, on the way out, you're joining a revolution that will destroy the brainwashing media conglomerates that make us forget the reality of the world and distract us with reality TV and silly movies. 

I guess that's one way for Lionsgate to clear out the competition.