Gap Spokesmodel Adam Driver May Play Nightwing In BATMAN VS SUPERMAN

Well, he's certainly an actor.

I am trying very hard to figure Batman vs Superman out. More and more the film is feeling like something that was made up on the spot the day of the Comic Con announcement, a film that is scrambling to figure out just what the heck it is. And what it is, apparently, is a movie where a weird dude plays Nightwing. 

That weird dude is Adam Driver, one of the actors closest to nabbing the role. You may know Driver from Girls, where he frequently engages in sexual acts with Lena Dunham and where he plays a truly intense, odd dude - probably because Driver has a truly intense, odd energy about him. Driver is like the indie version of Eric Balfour, but probably with more acting chops. He has a really specific line delivery and a great, character actor face... but as Nightwing? For those not in the know, Nightwing is Dick Grayson, aka Robin, the Boy Wonder, all grown up. He's left Batman's side and is now his own vigilante. 

I've seen Driver in a lot of stuff, and I think he's good. I just don't understand how his name ended up on this list. I mean, he's very fit, so he would look good in a superhero costume. I can't help but think that he ended up in the mix because somebody working on the movie keeps driving past Driver's omnipresent Gap ads ("Back in blue" is the theme) that are everywhere in LA. 

Who knows - Driver could be the sort of left-field choice that ends up being brilliant. Or Batman vs Superman could be a weird, directionless clusterfuck of a movie. Anything's possible this early.