Get Ready For The Peter Pan Origin Movie

Joe Wright in talks to direct.

Peter Pan will never go away. There's the animated version, along with all the Tinkerbell stuff that came with it. There's the cool one where Jason Isaacs played Hook. There's of course the highly-regarded Spielberg sequel. They even made one all about how Johnny Depp wrote Peter Pan in the first place thanks to his unrequited love for small children with polio or something (I didn't see it).

So it makes sense that they'd try and origin story. The good news is that Joe Wright is in talks to direct. The bad news is that this is one of three upcoming Peter Pan films. There's another called Peter and the Starcatchers (with Gary Ross directing) and then one more called, simply, Pan (starring Channing Tatum). I have no idea if these other ones are sequels, origins, regular old re-tellings or what. All I know is that I don't wanna grow up.

Perhaps in an effort to get ahead of the PanPack, Warner Brothers wants their "Batman Begins" version to get rolling as soon as possible, so Joe Wright will have to decide quickly. It's too bad Michael Jackson did not live to see all this.