DEXTER And TWILIGHT’s Melissa Rosenberg To Take On Marvel’s JESSICA JONES Netflix Show

Marvel makes another exciting choice.

I fucking love Marvel. I just can't believe how well all this has turned out so far, and how wonderful things looks for the future. These Netflix shows represent another bold experiment for the studio, but with this release model, and with news like Drew Goddard's writing of Daredevil, I have a feeling this experiment comes with a pretty large degree of success. This is a different gut-feeling, mind you, than the one that told me Agents of SHIELD would be awesome. That might have been indigestion.

Marvel has announced the writer for their Jessica Jones series: Melissa Rosenberg, former writer and showrunner for Dexter (during what peole who can stand that show often call the good years) and writer of all the Twilight films. Rosenberg was actually all set up to run her own Jessica Jones show for ABC a few years ago, but it fell through. Now she's going to do it for real.

I had to quit watching Dexter after the second season, though I will probably watch the John Lithgow season someday. And while I loved the last Twilight film, I can't say I'm a big fan of that series either. I also don't really know anything about Jessica Jones, though a Google image search informs me that she has very large breasts.

But I'm still very excited to how this turns out. I love that Marvel's going with a writer who seems remarkably suited for the show, yet might come against fanboy ire for the Twilight stuff (and also for being a lady). It speaks to Marvel's insistence that each of these shows have their own feel and tone, which is totally the right move.

I guess we'll probably learn who's writing Luke Cage and Iron Fist sooner than later. Hold onto yer butts.