Please, No: De Niro Wants A TAXI DRIVER Sequel

I'm begging you, please don't do this. Please.

The Guardian has an excellent interview with Robert De Niro, in the UK to promote his latest waste of time (that mob movie Luc Besson directed), and it gives a lot of insight into the mindset of a 70 year old actor who was once renowned for throwing himself totally - and often bodily - into his roles. That mindset could be described as 'barely giving a shit':

"I used to worry about doing take after take," he says. "Now I don't worry about it so much. You can get it in the first take, more often than not. If there's some aspect of the character that you're really trying to get?" He shrugs. "Then maybe have two."

That's a bummer. But what's scary in the article is De Niro saying he has long wanted to make a Taxi Driver 2. WHAT?

"I said, why don't we write something? And I talked to Marty and Paul did take a shot at something, whether it was an outline or a script, I forget. But somehow we didn't feel it was right and it didn't take off." He thinks it over. "But I'd like to see where Travis is today. There was something about the guy – all that rage and alienation, that's what the city can do to you. I mean Marty and I are from New York, and even we can feel alienated."

While I confess the question of 'Where is Travis Bickle in the 21st century?' is a fascinating one, I certainly do not want a movie to answer that. It's the kind of question that you ruminate on after watching Taxi Driver, the kind of question that you toss around in your head when reading the news or walking through Times Square. It's a question that shouldn't ever get an answer. 

But if it did get made, I hope they call it Uber Driver