Ghosts Communicate Through Video Game Memes, It Seems

Ghost hunters go on TV to show off a spooky PORTAL-themed message from The Other Side.

Jim Pace seems like a super nice guy, and I bet he believes in what he's doing. He heads SPOOK (Sooner Paranormal of Oklahoma, a cute name), a ghost hunting team that took the local news crew on one of their late night spirit searches. While going through a high activity old building, Jim discovers a chalkboard on which is written a message he believes comes from the Other Side:

The Cake Is A Lie.

To Jim this means the ghosts are upset about something promised that was never delivered. To everybody else this is a pretty famous quote - and a run-into-the-ground meme - from the video game Portal

Hey, in Jim's defense maybe a gamer died and is sending messages from the Beyond. The Cake Is A Lie could be a stunning revelation of what happens to us after we die. Now we just have to find out if this guy was killed by an arrow to the knee. 

Thanks to Dan Whitehead for the link. 

Front page image by EnteraXia.