INSIDIOUS CHAPTER YOU gets no date. Sorry.

We already knew there was going to be an Insidious Chapter 3, right? I can't remember if that was official or not. The series is kind of off my radar as I've yet to see an Insidious movie. Unless you count Gigli. Hey-oh! (I've actually never seen Gigli, either. I'm just trying out material for my big Jay Leno's Personal Jester job audition.)

So even if we didn't already know there was going to be an Insidious Chapter 3, we sure know there will be one now as Deadline reports that the film already has a release date: Spring 2015. The film will literally open from the first day of spring and close on the last. It's the world's first movie to have an entire opening season.

James Wan's probably not coming back for this one, but his best bud Leigh Whannell will continue writing the series, so it's not all bad. Patrick Wilson, Rose Byrne, and Vera Farmiga will probably come back as well. Unless they died in either of the last two or were in The Conjuring instead.

This is still a long way off. Until then, you'll just have to go back to the old folk's home if you want to get creeped out.