Scream Factory’s Delivering GINGER SNAPS And DOG SOLDIERS To Blu

Two great werewolf movies at once!

Scream Factory continues their relentless campaign to impoverish us all with this weekend's announcement that they're delivering Blu-ray Collector's Editions of both Ginger Snaps (2000) and Dog Soldiers (2002) in Summer 2014. This is such good news!

It still amazes me that within a three year period in the early 2000s we were treated to two excellent, thoughtful, deeply scary and very funny werewolf films, when we often go a decade without getting even one. Ginger Snaps, directed by John Fawcett and written by Karen Walton, is one of my favorite horror films of the aughts, as it makes a pretty compelling parallel of lycanthropy to the terrifying onset of female puberty and the complicated and often treacherous nature of teen girl relationships. Ginger Snaps is smart, feminist, wickedly witty and unabashedly violent, and it's deserved a Blu release for far too long. I would actually love to see a three-pack with the film and its sequels, but I won't complain about receiving the first and best film in the trilogy.

Neil Marshall's Dog Soldiers is a little less subversive and more straightforward, heavier on references than ideas, but it's still great fun, gory as hell and alarmingly energetic, and, like Ginger Snaps, utterly rewatchable. They'll both make good additions to my Blu library, and I salute the worthy folks at Scream Factory for continuing to make very good decisions.