Nobody Knows Zombies Come From Haiti Anymore

FAMILY FEUD contestant says zombies are black, everybody says she's racist.

The creatures we know as zombies today probably shouldn't be called that. See, there already are creatures known as zombies, and the flesh-eating walking dead that George Romero pioneered are more closely related to ghouls (and he's called them ghouls himself in the past). If we're going to get really technical about it, zombies are the dead raised by voudoun practitioners in Haiti; they're mindless automatons that follow orders. Until 1968 if you asked a horror fan what a zombie was, they'd think about movies like White Zombie and I Walked With A Zombie, which are voodoo films. 

So when a Family Feud contestant was asked to name one thing everybody knows about zombies and she said 'black,' she was technically correct. Everybody on the internet is like 'She's racist!' but I'm not really sure what the racism here is, to be honest. i doubt she actually was talking about voodoo zombies when she gave the answer, and she probably meant 'they're rotting' or something. 'Green' would have been a better answer. Or maybe there's a whole subculture of racists who think zombies represent black people?

I'm thinking in text here, but I guess you could make that argument - a horde of slow-moving creatures who survive off the flesh of usually white people. George Romero always used zombies as a way of examining social issues, but I doubt he had that in mind. Is that what this lady was thinking? Does she watch The Walking Dead as a metaphor for the white race being overwhelmed by the mud people?

It is really weird that nobody on the internet knows zombies are from Haiti, though.