De Niro Says He’s Making Another Gangster Film With Scorsese


The other day I told you about Robert De Niro's desire to do Taxi Driver 2, which we all agree is a bad idea. Today I have better news: speaking at a press conference in the U of K, De Niro confirmed that he's going to be making another gangster movie with Martin Scorsese. 

That movie is probably The Irishman, based on I Heard You Paint Houses, the true story of Frank "The Irishman" Sheeran, the mob hitman who claims to have killed Jimmy Hoffa and Crazy Joe Gallo, two of the biggest hits in Mafia history. Sheeran said he had killed 25 men in his time, and that helped deliver rifles used in the Kennedy assassination. He lived exactly the sort of big, crazy life that makes for the best Scorsese epics.

This reunion has been in the works for a while, and he even held a script reading earlier this year with De Niro, Al Pacino and Joe Pesci all doing parts. Since then it's been quiet on The Irishman front, but De Niro confirmed that Scorsese expects to make it his next next film - he's following this December's The Wolf of Wall Street with Silence, another movie he's been developing for about ever. 

Should Scorsese get The Irishman going it would come out more than 20 years after his last collaboration with De Niro, 1995's Casino. That's a long time between movies for guys who defined each others' careers. I know that De Niro has been phoning it in since just after 95, but I believe that acting under Scorsese will bring out the old lion one last time.