UK ROBOCOP Trailer Isn’t Horrible

Even the worst criminal can be redeemed.

The chances that this upcoming RoboCop remake will be any good are miniscule. I've been very mean to the movie thus far because it looks like a totally brainless and cynical cash grab. But that doesn't mean I want it to be bad.

So I'm happy to report that this latest ad for the film is actually quite good. The focus on Alex Murphy's disorientation upon realizing he is now has no penis works and lend some emotion to the bland action bits to follow. This is a UK trailer, so we can gather that the people behind the movie assume Americans are too stupid to understand emotions. Their point is too apt for any feigned offense.

RoboCop will come out February 12, indicating a savvy bit of counter-programming aimed squarely at lonely nerds and bad boyfriends.