Watch The Short Film That Ties Into GRAVITY

Spoilers, if you're one of the terrible people who have not supported one of the year's best cinematic experiences.

Late in Gravity Sandra Bullock's Dr. Ryan Stone is stuck in a space capsule, desperately trying to make contact with the Earth. She ends up talking to some guy whose language she doesn't know, listening to his dogs and his baby as she prepares to die. 

Now we can see the other side of that conversation. Alfonse Cuaron's son Jonas directed a short film that ties in with this scene, revealing to us just who the man on the other end of the radio was. The short gets its title from his name - Aningaaq - and it echoes the main film's themes of life and death, of relationships to technology and the pain of letting go. For some reason Aningaaq barely played anyplace, and never played attached to Gravity at all. It would have made a nice post-credits bonus, especially as I keep hearing it's a short that works like gangbusters on the big screen.

On the small screen I found it very nice. I wasn't profoundly moved or anything, even by the fate of the dog, which usually gets to me. What do you think?