New Trailer For Abel Ferrara’s ‘80s Rampager MS. 45

1981's female revenge film classic returns from the cult underground to theaters December 13th with this new trailer from Drafthouse Films.

Fiercely independent film god Abel Ferrara – director of Bad Lieutenant and The Funeral – has explored some of the darkest, and most violent reaches of the human soul in a career spanning over 4 decades. It was with his infamous 1979 debut, the D.I.Y. video-nasty classic The Driller Killer that established his signature fusion of NYC despair, art-house intuition and idiosyncratic humor. And it was with the Christopher Walken starrer King Of New York where his world raged from the exploitation underground and crossed planes into the mainstream.

One year following The Driller Killer, his high school friend and frequent collaborator Nicholas St. John submitted a finished screenplay for Ms. 45. It told the psychological horror story of a mute, garment district seamstress who, after falling victim to two brutal assaults, ignited a one-woman rampage against NYC's entire male population.

The producer behind Alan Moyle's immortal punk film classic Time Square phoned Ferrara during their casting search to rave about the discovery of a 17 year-old actress/musician prodigy named Zoë Tamerlis. After just one meeting, Ferrara cast her on the spot as the handgun-wielding, avenging angel. Her performance in the film channels subtleties of Catherine Deneuve's post-traumatic performance in Polanski's Repulsion fused within the film's angsty Death Wish framework. In an interview for Film Comment in 2003, Ferrara said of the late Ms. 45 star, "it was a beautiful script, but in one way it comes off as a cold film. She gave it a heart and soul."

And now over 30 years later, Ms. 45 returns from the cult underground, breaking the barriers between art-house and "grind house" and will return to theaters beginning December 13th. And above is our new trailer for the film cut by none other than Hobo With A Shotgun director Jason Eisener.

Digging the relentless maniacal saxophone-age in the trailer? Be sure to nab two free tracks from the original soundtrack by Joe Delia (soon to be released by Death Waltz Records!) right here. And for a list of theatrical dates including NYC, Austin, Portland, Seattle, Denver, San Francisco, and more, go here.