The SABOTAGE Trailer Hits Like A Vegetarian

But some vegetarians have been known to overcome their muscular hurdles.

Hot after the release of yesterday's photos, the Sabotage trailer is here. And I'm just a tiny bit disappointed in it.

Here's my problem. All this time, I thought the film was about a crew of badass DEA agents who bust drug dealers, then steal their money, and must now contend with a mad drug dealer who's picking them off one by one. That sounded like a cool mixture of action, moral ambiguity, and maybe even a little horror.

According to this trailer, however, that's not what we're getting. Arnold's crew appears to be mostly clean with a couple bad eggs who get the rest of them, including Arnold, in hot water they don't deserve. Arnold not only needs to save his own ass, but must also catch the secret jackass(es) in his midst.

That's fine, I guess. But the other idea was a lot cooler and more interesting. Oh well, I guess we still have that haircut. And the bawdy camaraderie at the beginning of the trailer. And Josh Holloway saying the word "dick." And Olivia Williams' weird accent. And Sam Worthington's dumb beard-braid. In other words, my enthusiasm may be tarnished, but I'm still massively excited to see this.